Big Mamma's Burritos is one of the most unique burrito experiences around. We have taken the standard burrito and corrupted it with our own twisted ideas. Our burrito ingredients range from traditional like cilantro, fresh red peppers and home made salsas to our corrupted idea of putting Philly Cheese Steak ingredients in our burritos. Our most popular burrito, The Chipotle Ranch Mamma, is somewhere in between, a little bit traditional and a little bit corrupted. 

Our  promise to you is there is something on our menu you will love even if you don't like traditional burritos. So come in, give us a try, and if you aren't in love from the first bite we will make you a different one on the house. 

Please note our menu may vary from location to location so please check the menu posted on each location page if you plan on stopping in for one specific item.